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Photo Radar Locations for the Month of January 2015

Jan.1 – Sturgeon Road at Red Willow Park

Jan.2 – Sir Winston Churchill Avenue near St. Anne Street

Jan.3 – Ray Gibbon Drive at Sturgeon River Bridge   

Jan.4 – St. Albert Trail at Everitt Drive  

Jan.5 – Woodlands Road at Neil M. Ross School

Jan.6 – Sunset Boulevard near Vital Grandin School

Jan.7 – Grenfell Avenue at Wild Rose School

Jan.8 – Larose Drive at Bertha Kennedy School

Jan.9 – Deer Ridge Drive (westbound) near J.J. Nearing School

Jan.10 – McKenney Avenue at Mission Ridge Mall

Jan.11 – Grandin Road at Glen Meadow Crescent

Jan.12 – Sir Winston Churchill Avenue at Sir Alexander Mackenzie School

Jan.13 – Deer Ridge Drive at Muriel Martin School

Jan.14 – Gainsborough Avenue at Albert Lacombe School

Jan.15 – Akins Drive at Elmer Gish School 

Jan.16 – Grosvenor Boulevard at Sir George Simpson School  

Jan.17 – Mission Avenue near Morgan Park

Jan.18 – Bellerose Drive at Evergreen Drive   

Jan.19 – Hogan Road at Sturgeon Heights School

Jan.20 – Grosvenor Boulevard at Sir George Simpson School 

Jan.21 – Sir Winston Churchill Avenue at Ă©cole Marie Poburan

Jan.22 – Heritage Drive near Ă©cole La Mission

Jan.23 – Cunningham Road near Paul Kane School

Jan.24 – Arlington Drive near Addison Crescent

Jan.25 – McKenney Avenue near Morgan Crescent

Jan.26 – Cunningham Road near Leo Nickerson School

Jan.27 – Sir Winston Churchill Avenue near Sir Alexander Mackenzie School

Jan.28 – Mission Avenue at Ă©cole Father Jan [Marker]

Jan.29 – Langley Avenue at Ronald Harvey School

Jan.30 – Sir Winston Churchill Avenue near Park Avenue

Jan.31 – Gervais Road near Grange Drive

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