Parker enters race for mayor


A third candidate has entered the race to be the mayor of St. Albert.

Malcolm Parker, a former member of city council, is throwing his hat in the ring.

Parker, 75, said that he is ready to commit fully to St. Albert city council.

“I’m not doing it to have a job. I’m not doing it for the money. I’m not doing it for the ambition,” Parker said. “I really believe that I have the skill set to do the job.”

Parker has run for council four times and was elected in 2010 with the third highest amount of votes at 7,030. He was only beaten out by Cathy Heron, who had 9,904 votes and Cam MacKay, who earned 7,565 votes. Both Heron and MacKay are also running for mayor in this election.

Parker ran for re-election in 2013 but finished in seventh place. He also ran unsuccessfully in 2004 and 2007.

Parker said he wants to bring cooperation to council and wants to build a “solid cultural relationship” between council and administration. He said that he has the benefit of not being part of the current council so he will not bring along any biases from the current council infighting to the role.

“I really believe integrity is important and I believe that has been lacking on this council,” Parker said.

Parker’s platform includes a focus on infrastructure, fiscal responsibility, economic development and transit. He wants to continue to lobby the provincial government to twin Ray Gibbon Drive, find a solution for the congestion and traffic on St. Albert Trail and Boudreau Road and to make the bus system more efficient.

For Parker, fiscal responsibility doesn’t mean slashing and cutting costs. The retired businessman wants to find a way to pursue projects in a more cost-effective way.

Parker also wants to see a review of the photo radar system.

Along with council experience, Parker brings a business background. The Lacombe Park resident spent 36 years working for Imperial Oil with a focus on the business and marketing side of the company.

Parker has lived in St. Albert for 35 years and has spent many years volunteering in the community. He served as the president of the St. Albert Men’s Slow Pitch Association for 13 years where he was able to help develop the Meadowview Diamonds with field lights and bathrooms connected to the city sewer line. Parker has also worked on the St. Albert Economic Development committee which was committed to achieving the 80/20 residential and non-residential tax assessment in the city.

Parker was also chair of the Northern Alberta Business Incubator (NABI) and is now the treasurer of the organization. In 2008 while Parker was chair NABI was able to expand to its second location in Campbell Park.

The father of two has spent time working in all levels of politics. He is currently the director of the St. Albert federal Conservative Party constituency and president of the St. Albert Wildrose legacy party constituency association.

Parker is competing for the mayor’s seat against Heron and MacKay. Current mayor Nolan Crouse is stepping away from municipal politics and will leave the seat vacant in October.


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