Papal apology cannot erase crimes


Your April 14 editorial cartoon was excellent. It said so much with so few words.

We see a little boy entering a confessional. Behind the curtains, we then only see the feet of the little boy and those of the priest. But nothing is said for several frames. On the sixth frame the little boy finally says, “Well? I’m waiting.” It so subtly says that it’s the priest who must now confess his sins done to and with little boys.

Pedophilia is an awful crime. But when it’s committed by trusted representatives of Christ, a ‘papal apology’ can’t cancel the crimes. It’s indeed another indication that the Catholic Church has lost its moral authority.

The recent scandalous revelations about the Vatican’s treatment of its pedophile priests has possibly convinced many good people of high morals that “The less we must believe in people, the more we can believe in God.”

I was an altar boy for over 10 years. I know of what I speak.

Richard. G. Nobert, Morinville


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