Overwhelmed by the generosity of St. Albert angel


As I sit here rocking and humming to my baby, I have silent tears of joy streaming down my face due to the kindness of a St. Albert angel.

I am a busy mother of two, ages four and 11 months. I live in northwest Edmonton and enjoy many things from our dear neighbours to the north, St. Albert! Grocery shopping with two kids is chaos at the best of times and is a lot of effort. My mommy brain was in full force when I went to pay for my $205 grocery bill and I only had $50 cash or cheque, which the store would not take, no cards! My face went bright red as I frantically tried to come up with an idea.

The sweet St. Albert angel was behind me in line and was watching me juggle my walking 11-month-old in my arms and loading everything with my other hand. When she realized my problem, she paid for my bill of $205 without hesitation and with no judgment! “Just pay it forward!”

Tears flowed down my cheeks as this St. Albert angel paid for our bill. My four-year-old was so happy and said, “‘Mom, that lady really blessed us with so much love that makes my heart so full!’“

Thank you to our St. Albert angel and your blessing has been paid forward!

Nicole Faye Nieuwenhuis, Edmonton


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