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Graduates of Olds College’s 15-month accelerated Hospitality & Tourism Management program are being equipped to enter an $8 billion dollar industry that supports 19,000 businesses and employs 127,000 people across the province. These figures, provided by Travel Alberta, are only projected to grow in the years ahead under the province’s Tourism Framework.

“It’s so much more than food service and hotels,” says Bob Van Someren, program instructor and industry veteran. “When you consider the breadth of possibilities in areas such as small business, travel and tourism, adventure and recreation, event management and sales, you recognize that the career opportunities are virtually endless.”

Olds College’s program is unique, hands-on and industry-focused, packing two years’ worth of diploma courses and practical experience into 15 months. The condensed format-that includes a 5-month paid work experience-is ideal for students who are attending college for the first time, or are retraining for a new career, as they will only be away from the workforce for a short time. Students are also able to cut education-related costs by wrapping up studies quickly.

From learning what it takes to fill the stands for a Canadian Hockey League team and examining the challenges of a regional airport, to visiting Alberta’s National Parks and networking with industry professionals, the student experience has one goal in mind. “We want our graduates to be successful in the real world,” says Van Someren. “They are being prepared for supervisory and management roles where they’ll demonstrate a knowledge of the industry, customer service excellence and the ability to problem-solve.”

Interested in learning more? Register for the upcoming Preview Day on Friday, March 2 and experience what this program has to offer!



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