Old TV a welcome gift … really


Dear Anonymous: I must say thank you. Thank you for leaving your old tube television in the back alley behind my house right before garbage day.

I’m sure you meant it as a gift, not as a useless, broken piece of electronics. I’m quite certain you didn’t mean to have someone else take responsibility for your garbage. I’m quite good at recycling and rarely leave garbage for pick up, so perhaps you were trying to bring me up to the average for garbage collection?

I’m sure you went to a lot of trouble to bring the TV all the way to my place as it is quite heavy and likely you had to plan it at a time when no one would see you so as to not ruin my surprise.

However, since I have no need for a tube TV I will be taking your gift to the free recycling drop off service the City of St. Albert offers. Perhaps next time you can verify with the city what is eligible for recycling at the depot and give your gift to the entire community by properly disposing of items you no longer need or want in the appropriate manner.

Oh wait, that’s right, it was a gift. Sorry.

Mary Nielsen, St. Albert


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