Official election results released


The City of St. Albert released official election results Friday afternoon, confirming unofficial numbers the city reported Monday evening after polls closed.

The results confirm vote counts previously reported as well.

A breakdown of results by polling station shows Mayor-elect Cathy Heron won at every station, as well as at advance voting and for the institutional and special ballot.

Among councillor candidates, Wes Brodhead was by far the most popular choice. Brodhead received the most votes during advance voting and on the institutional and special ballot. He also received the most votes at every polling station except for two.

Brodhead received 1,737 votes during advance voting, while Jacquie Hansen received 1,556 and Sheena Hughes received 1,447.

For the institutional and special ballot, Brodhead received 130 votes while Natalie Joly received 104 and Hughes received 102.

For Sturgeon and Forest Lawn, Brodhead received 464 votes while Hughes received 449 and Joly received 442.

In Grandin, Brodhead received 762 votes while Joly received 683 and Hughes received 676.

In Heritage Lakes, Brodhead received 419 votes while Hansen received 416 and Ray Watkins received 390.

For Riverside, Mission and Downtown, Brodhead received 278, Hughes received 256 and Hansen and Joly tied for third with 238 votes each.

For North Ridge and Rural Area West, Brodhead received 479 votes while Watkins received 478 and Joly received 472.

Hansen led the Lacombe Park polls with 1,087 votes, followed by Brodhead with 1,063 and candidate Al Bohachyk with 964. Bohachyk was not elected.

Brodhead led in Erin Ridge North, Jensen Lakes, Deer Ridge and Rural Area North with 848 votes, while Hansen received 824 and Watkins received 774.

For Erin Ridge and Inglewood, Brodhead received 727 votes while Hansen received 703 and Watkins received 681.

In Braeside, Oakmont and Woodlands, Brodhead led with 1,100 votes while Hansen received 1,094 and Watkins received 1,010.

Hughes led the polls in Kingswood, Pineview and Akinsdale with 963 votes. Hansen received 927 and Brodhead received 893.

The official results include polling numbers for three ballot questions pertaining to further planning of a branch library, sixth ice sheet and aquatic space.

The library received 13,346 “no” votes and 7,802 “yes” votes, with the “no’s” leading every poll except for the institutional and special ballot.

The ice sheet received 10,850 “no” votes and 9,982 “yes” votes. The “no” votes led in most polls except for the institutional and special ballot; North Ridge and Rural Area West; Erin Ridge and Inglewood; and Braeside, Oakmont and Woodlands.

For aquatic space, 12,050 people voted yes and 8,922 voted no. The “yes” votes led the polls in all areas.


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