Not a candidate for mother of the year


I don’t think the young lady who was at The Celtic Knot (Feb. 21) is going to win Mother of the Year this year. A buddy and I were enjoying a cool one after another long day when I saw her push her stroller past my table with a friend or two in tow.

No big deal I thought. I’ve seen minors in the place before (maybe not that minor) but who am I to judge.

Some time passed, and I happened to glance at her table when I realized the stroller was unattended. No one was at the table, so I assumed the young tot might be getting a change in the washroom.

Some time later (maybe enough for a smoke break), much to my chagrin, the candidate and her friends returned. She then proceeded to check on the baby left in the stroller. The baby seemed fine, and was passed around the table to do things that babies do.

I’m not inferring that the three- or four-month-old was in any danger.  It is refreshing to see that in these days of ultra safety and coddling, she felt comfortable leaving her young baby alone in a friendly pub.

She looked to be drinking water, which looked like the responsible thing to do, but Mother of the Year might still be out of reach.

Rick Owen, St. Albert


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