Nobody likes a pooper


Everyone is tired of the dog poop issue. Me too. I am tired of reading about it, seeing it, stepping in it, talking about it and reminding my kids to steer around it.

But there it is, every day when my kids, my dog and I use the parks and trails. Yes, I have a dog — I love dogs. I clean up after my dog. Sometimes I clean up after other people’s dogs. People seem to think their dogs’ right to poop anywhere and their right to leave it there supersedes my kid’s right to have clean play spaces. The same trails and parks we pay taxes for are often unusable because of the doggie doo.

Play in spring run-off? Gag. Ever watched a kid slide through a big poop playing spring soccer? Really people, just because we don’t like having public confrontations with you doesn’t mean we don’t know who you are. And you gross us out more than picking up your dog’s poop grosses you out. It shocks my small children that you don’t clean up after your dog. Come on, be reasonable. Let’s share our parks and trails nicely.

M. Martin, St. Albert


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