No need for nuclear power


Congratulations to Elena Shacherl for correcting some of the incomplete and faulty information in the biased nuclear panel’s report, as referred to May 2.

The nuclear panel and our provincial government tell us that we need new large power plants to meet Alberta’s growing demand for electricity, while ignoring the fact that the cheapest and most readily available power plant is the one we never build. What have we ever done in Alberta to harvest the energy waste we’ve built up after decades of access to cheap, abundant energy, using conservation and efficiency programs?

President Barack Obama has called efficiency "the cheapest, cleanest, fastest energy source," while David Goldstein, of the Natural Resources Defense Council goes on to say, "The limits of efficiency have never been tested. We’ve run out of political will long before we’ve run out of opportunity."

Nuclear power is an expensive and dangerous solution to a problem that need not be a problem at all. During this economic downturn, let’s follow the money towards long-term jobs, a sustainable economy and a healthier planet.

Roger L. Gagne, Calgary, Alta.


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