NDP government did not put the province in financial ruin


Re: Spending problem, (Gazette, Dec. 2).

Those of us who proudly supported and volunteered for the Alberta Conservative Party under Lougheed and Getty are getting fed up with the ignorant comments we are getting from these Reform Party Boys and their supporters. Who do you think put this province in financial ruin? it certainly wasn’t the NDP. Why do you think so many true conservatives voted for the NDP to put a stop to what they were doing to us?

Certainly the NDP has to take us further into debt to try to clean up the mess these Reformers put us in and don’t forget they did it over a 25-year period under Klein, Stelmach and Redford, and there is no way it can be fixed in two years. You can’t ignore the fact that they left us with 55 schools short, as well as a shortage of doctors, nurses, teachers, hospital beds, and a huge shortage of long-term health care beds. We have a family member in a nursing home in Calgary at a cost of nearly $11,000 per month thanks to what they did to us. Klein’s health care budget cuts almost cost my father his life, and my father was the best supporter the conservatives ever had.

Albertans lost $250 billion because previous governments slashed royalties to benefit their rich friends, Albertans lost $250 billion. Then add in the billions more we lost because of Klein’s flat tax and it’s the very reason why we are in financial ruin and Alaska and Norway aren’t. The Carbon Tax was created by the oil industry to show we were trying to do something about our pollution, as Lougheed urged Klein and Stelmach to do and they wouldn’t listen. Blaming it on Trudeau and Notley isn’t very smart when it’s been in place since 2008 in B.C., long before they were elected.

Once this NDP government gets through this oil industry disaster and gets the royalties and taxes back up to the Lougheed levels this debt can be recovered very quickly and as we know it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Alan K. Spiller, Edmonton


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