More organ donors are needed


“Don’t totally die. Be an organ donor. Permit precious parts of you to live on to save the lives of others.”

Why are millions of people feeding their hearts to the worms? In fact, why are they wasting all their other precious organs instead of choosing to be valuable organ donors? By avoiding “total death,” a deceased donor can provide up to six organs to live on for transplantation. So why is the donor need still outpaced by the supply? Why don’t people let their hearts and other organs live on? Why do they choose to let them rot instead of making them available to save the lives of people in desperate need of an organ transplant?

Is there some sort of strange religious cause to it all? There are beliefs of “life after death” and “resurrection of the body.” But if you lost your leg in an accident, will you spend your eternity in Heaven with only one leg? What if you donated your heart or kidneys and other organs too? Wouldn’t Heaven still wait for you?

The Gazette’s Dec. 30 article “Donor need outpaces organ supply” by Jean-Marie Berthelot of the Canadian Institute for Health Information was a gem of knowledge for all people who can believe that they’ll die someday and that when they do, donated parts of them might live on to save the lives of others. All they need to do is to simply agree to donate their organs to people instead of worms.

And so again, I wish to tell people, “Don’t totally die. Be an organ donor, too. Permit precious parts of you to live on within the bodies of others whose lives your living, donated organs will save.”

Richard G. Nobert, Morinville


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