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Cookin’ up a storm

Italian Bakery’s Mercato is gearing up for opening day. The business has installed signs on the building and is currently finishing up landscaping around the bakery.

The 10,000 square foot space will house a marketplace selling Italian baked goods, salami and cheese, and a café that serves fresh gelato. Two parking lots for the market are being built, which will park 70 cars total.

The expected date is still to be determined, but store owner Adamo Rossi said the shelves are currently being stocked.

“We’re thinking that we’ll be open for early November,” he said.

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London Drugs is starting to promote a plastic bag-free future. Starting in January the business will tack on a five cent bag charge, which will be applied to a customer’s bill for all plastic bags used, excluding those used for pharmacy and cosmetic departments.

Clint Mahlman, London Drugs executive vice president and chief operating officer, said in a press release: “Years ago, we started to phase out the use of plastic bags by introducing our customers to alternatives including reusable, fabric bags.”

He said the change has reduced plastic bag use by 60 per cent across London Drug stores.

Grand opening

A martial arts academy has made St. Albert its new home. Precision Martial Arts Academy will celebrate its grand opening on Oct. 28 from 12 to 4 p.m. at #105, 15 Circle Drive.

Phillip Rhee, who is a Korean martial artist and movie director, will be at the grand opening.

The academy has been operating for 20 years in Edmonton. It offers a variety of martial art programs for youth and adults. Through the academy people can take Taekwondo, martial arts, self-defence and fitness classes.

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Beauty salon

The tanning salon previously known as Sunutan in St. Albert has had a change in ownership. Along with new owners, the tanning salon is now called Sunutan Beauty.

In addition to tanning services, the business will now offer FIT Bodywrap Infrared Heat Therapy. The salon says the technology helps with weight loss, detoxification, reducing cellulite and pain relief.

According to the FIT Bodywrap website, the bodywrap creates infrared heat, which the body naturally produces. The wrap induces sweating, which can burn off calories. The sweat session also releases fats and toxins, detoxifying the body.

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