Memories of Jimmy’s Restaurant


A couple of weeks ago the St. Albert Gazette did a feature article on a new eating establishment. The new eatery is called SixandSeven. The article was very informative however a great disservice was done to the previous eatery, Jimmy’s Restaurant, which was not mentioned in the article.

Yes the original building was a car wash but was converted to a fabulous little restaurant that may not have had bells and whistles on the outside or inside but what it did have was heart, charisma, loyal diners and great food. In fact the original Jimmy had been a cook at Socrates, I believe, and decided to open up his own diner.

Jimmy made the best pizza and when he sold to the new owner, they kept his pizza recipes and added to the menu. Both previous owners made great food and my mom and I went often for either breakfast after church on Sunday or for pizza during the week.

Hopefully, the new owners will have great food, wonderful, friendly servers and great atmosphere, as did the previous Jimmy’s Restaurant owners.

Colleen Chupka, St. Albert


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