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Mayor needs support of community

I have lived, worked and volunteered in St. Albert for almost 40 years, and over this time I have seen how many different councils have accepted the challenges of running a community like ours: the opening of St. Albert Place, the financing and building of Servus Place, creating a more viable commercial/residential split with expanding new neighbourhoods and commercial areas. It has taken strong leadership over those years by the city councils of the day.

Mayor Nolan Crouse is coming to the end of his term and I wish to thank him and his council for their contribution to our city. Let’s not let the recent court challenge distract us from focusing on the qualities of Mayor Crouse: his effective, open, and energetic leadership. Judge Brian Burrows (Gazette, Aug. 12) stated that Crouse “acted in good faith.” It is unsettling that someone is using the courts to pretend transparency when it appears to me to be a political ploy to disparage someone who has given years of service to his city.

Let us remember that if we want quality mayoral candidates, they need to know that they are free to lead in good faith without the risk of a needless court challenge.

Dawn Curran, St. Albert

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