Lots of parking problems to go around


I have every sympathy for C. Rose with her parking problem near soccer fields. However this situation unfortunately is not unique in St Albert.

The difficulties I see are those that create problems near Paul Kane High School. The students not only use the Fountain Park Recreation Centre as their parking lot but also the area of Forest Drive and Sunset Boulevard adjacent to Cunningham Road where they park on both sides of the street. This is a hazard as the roads narrow. They are also bus routes. What will happen if ever there is a need for emergency vehicles? I imagine the new garbage demands will create difficulties.

I have contacted the mayor and council who have asked the school board to find a solution. The school does have a parking lot — I notice vacant parking stalls but students must pay for a permit. I wonder how many of the students do not wish to do this? I know there are school buses that must serve the majority of students. If in fact the school is short of parking, maybe it is time the school board dedicated some more of its grounds for parking. I wonder if the school really knows how many students drive themselves to school, not just the few who purchase a permit.

I have suggested to the mayor that it is time for designated parking streets near the school that provide residents with stickers for their vehicles to be on the street between certain hours and allows time for tradesmen who are attending in the neighbourhood. Fines should then be imposed for those who use these streets as parking lots. As for Fountain Park, there needs to be clear signage indicating its use for patrons of the centre and significant fines for those who abuse this system.

Maybe it is time for a byelaw that covers parking situations that create hazards such as the one that Rose describes. I cannot imagine that other neighbourhoods do not suffer in the same way.

Instead of wasting time looking at the beautification of the Walmart lot, let’s deal with the serious hazards that occur on our streets before a tragedy happens.

Elizabeth Allchin, St. Albert


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