Litterbugs are bugging this resident


As I’m driving to work or coming home any early Saturday or Sunday, invariably I will see at least one fast food bag strewn onto the road. Usually I am using Sturgeon and just as the city ends is where these bags are creating their eyesore. On what planet is heaving garbage out your window acceptable behaviour?

Lately, fast-food stuff, especially the ice-cappuccino cups, have been littering our crescent. Who are you people? Can you not carry your goods to the next garbage can instead of dropping it at your feet? No one will complain if you enter a driveway to throw small items into a brown garbage can.

Have some respect for your city and for people who are trying to keep their places looking nice.

And for the motorists exiting the city obviously not residing here: please hang onto your stuff until you get to the next stop.

A “normal” person, I should think, would hang onto their refuse until the next opportunity to throw it in the garbage. Is this too much to ask? Does a letter to the Gazette prod you into being “normal?” I and other normal people hope so.

Tony Gull, St. Albert


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