Letter writer looks forward to floor space at new ER


A couple of years ago I cut my thumb on my table saw. My wife drove me to the Sturgeon’s ER.

Two concerned police officers bumped into me on the way to the ER desk. With my hand soaked in bloody paper towels and held high over my head, the officers looked at me inquisitively. “Table saw,” I said. “You look pale, let me get you a wheelchair,” one officer replied. While checking in at the ER desk with my wife doing all the talking, I commented that I was nauseous and was about to be ill. The ever-so-caring nurse said, “Not here!” I am not sure where she had in mind but it was clear that it would not be at her desk.

No bag was offered or direction given to the closest garbage can, just “not here.” At this point I was also feeling very light-headed and asked if I could please lay down (rather than hitting the ground). The ever-so-caring nurse suggested I could “lay down over there,” pointing to a free spot on the floor in the corner. My wife, also a nurse, found this very amusing.

At least with the new addition to the ER there will be plenty of floor space to lay down on.

Name withheld by request, St. Albert


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