Teen vandals should do volunteer work


Monday, Sept. 18 between 4 pm and 4:45 pm I had the unfortunate experience to watch three young males, likely in junior high, demonstrate being unhealthy followers rather than positive leaders.

They chose the rear of the Grandin office tower as well as the remaining Grandin building off of Grandin Road to express their lack of care, boredom, anger, and vandalism. They attempted to open the locked doors of the buildings and then proceeded to pick up any item, brick etc. available to throw and smash against the building, the doors and onto the ground.

If you as a parent are reading this perhaps your son was the one with the very bright yellow backpack? He will know his fellow followers and likely quickly will get rid of that backpack. The honking of my car eventually had them fleeing back to the front of the Grandin Tower and onto Sir Winston Churchill.

Perhaps take some time to communicate to these students that we won’t damage their property and ask that they are taught respect for others as well. If after school is boring, maybe a volunteer job is something for them to consider and or homework.

Colleen McLeod, St. Albert


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