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As a strong supporter of regional solutions to regional challenges, I was very encouraged to see that St. Albert and Edmonton have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to create a Regional Transit Services Commission. What was even more encouraging was the fact that this was accomplished on behalf of St. Albert by councillors Wes Brodhead and Cathy Heron in collaboration with members of Edmonton’s city council.

This accomplishment underscores the value of collaboration to get things done as exhibited by these two councillors. At the same time, while not named in the recent municipal inspection, it has been subsequently reported that councillors Bob Russell, Cam MacKay and Sheena Hughes were specifically called out for inappropriate behaviour.

The citizens of St. Albert have a clear choice to make in the upcoming election if they wish to put a functioning mayor and council in place for the next four years. Vote for candidates like Cathy Heron and Wes Brodhead who have demonstrated their ability to collaborate with others to get things done. Do not vote for candidates like Bob Russell, Cam MacKay and Sheena Hughes.

Rob Clarke, St. Albert


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