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With the mayoral election coming soon I felt I had to write and express my concern regarding some of our candidates. My family and I moved to St. Albert from the U.K. As part of the relocation process I spent many hours researching where we were going to live. During the months waiting for our visas one town consistently showed itself to be a standout candidate for putting down our roots in Canada – St. Albert. Even from the other side of the Atlantic it was clear to us that St. Albert had the community, infrastructure and culture that stood out from other cities and towns.

Once we arrived we looked at Edmonton and surrounding towns in person to see if they were what we were looking for, but nothing came close to St. Albert – a city with a small town community feel. We have been here 10 years and love St. Albert just as much now as when we moved here, which is why I feel compelled to write and say something about one candidate in particular – Cam MacKay. We have seen the disaster that has befallen the USA with the Trump presidency and I do not want to see the same hack and slash economic dogma implemented here. We have wonderful facilities and a beautiful town that separate us from other towns and I want it to stay that way.

People move to St. Albert for a reason. I also saw in the report that Mr MacKay, and fellow councillors Sheena Hughes and Bob Russell, were singled out for their unprofessional behaviour. This  behaviour should not be acceptable in St. Albert, and from my perspective, precludes Mr MacKay from consideration for such a responsible position as mayor.

What does he stand for? I don’t know. I have seen zero positivity or policies from him. For the sake of the future of our lovely town I urge readers to reject this candidate come October.

Richard Woodward, St. Albert


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