Let’s monitor speed in Morinville’s residential areas


This letter is addressed to all Morinville town residents. Do you feel like your street is often used as a race track and that many people are driving way over the speed limit? What can you do about it other than complaining to your neighbours, coffee partners or on Facebook with your friends?

Here is a suggestion that may provide you with some facts and help our council and administration with the review of the photo enforcement program. You can request to have traffic monitoring equipment set up in your neighbourhood for a period of time.

What this equipment does is collect raw data such as number of vehicles passing and speeds. Then the traffic sign is set up for a period of 48 to 72 hours to make people aware of their speeds. How do you request this?

Email, phone or write a letter to our chief administrative officer (CAO) Debbie Oyarzun and the council members, outlining your concerns (e.g. near a park or playground or lots of small children playing, etc.). In your email indicate that you would like a “tentative date” of when the equipment would be set up and that you would like a copy of the data taken from the equipment. This would provide you with the information as to the actual number of speeders in your area of concern.

In light of safety, I’m sure the data collected from various residential sites will do two things: provide valuable data that can be used to assist those involved in the upcoming review of the photo enforcement program and provide a clear message of the areas that residents are concerned about.

Linda Lyons and Cliff Haryett, Morinville


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