Law firm raises money for food bank with Wills Week


Where there’s a will, there’s welcome relief.

That’s the word from a local lawyer as she prepares to enter into another edition of an annual Wills Week event called Will You Feed the Hungry? Starting this Saturday and running until Fri., Oct. 7, anybody who wants a new or updated will can put down a $100 donation to the St. Albert Food Bank to get the ball rolling.

According to St. Albert lawyer Stacy Maurier, there are a few good reasons why this is the right time for many people to consider getting a will.

“There’s something about the leaves falling off the trees that makes people begin to think about what could happen in the future.”

The first two years have prompted many to take care of business.

She stated, “It’s worked out really well. We had a lot of success with it and it has encouraged a lot of people to get their wills done,” adding that it always helps when there’s a tax deduction at the end of it.”

“It’s a win-win and the food bank was ecstatic to be able to get that money. At this time of year, they’re dying for donations.”

Last year, she helped 12 couples get wills at her practice at the Weary & Co. Law Office, where it will be done again this year. The three- to four-hour process garnered so much interest last year that she decided to open it up so that the actual session didn’t have to occur during the seven-day period, only be scheduled.

According to information provided by the food bank, that $1,200 donation last year was enough money to provide milk to 1,000 people for two months.

Laura Maloney, one of the other lawyers at Weary & Co., is a lifelong city resident. She strongly believes that the food bank plays a vital role and needs as much support as possible.

“In our busy lives, it’s easy to forget that an unexpected bill may take funds out of the family’s food budget,” she began. “I recall a time not so long ago that a friend was packing an extra large lunch for her son to take to school as he was sharing it with a chum who couldn’t bring one.”

Maurier also challenged other lawyers to participate in helping the community two ways at once.

Anyone who has a question or is interested in taking advantage of the offer should call Maurier at 780-459-5596.


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