Killer’s parole revoked


After an unsuccessful release marked by lies and drug abuse, Lisa McKay had her parole revoked earlier this month and was returned to prison.

McKay pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of realtor William Edward Maloney in February 2006 and was sentenced to six years and five months in prison.

She was released on parole earlier this year after serving two-thirds of her sentence. Offenders who have served two thirds of their sentence are almost always released, whether a parole board views it justified or not.

McKay was released Aug 30 and, according to the parole board’s documents, she had trouble adapting almost from the beginning.

She began missing appointments with her parole officer and failed to return phone calls. After briefly stabilizing her affairs, things took a turn. McKay’s parole officer received information that she was using crack cocaine and he issued a warrant for her arrest.

The parole board alleges she lied to the police, before being arrested in a known crack house.

In its report, the board wrote that given she had only been released for a short period of time and quickly fell off the rails there was no choice but to send her back to prison.

“Your progress was non-existent and your performance represented an undue risk to the community.”

McKay did not attend the parole board’s hearing and asked the board to make a decision in her absence.

They found her drug use very concerning.

“You were dishonest with your parole officer and the police, you did not avail yourself of supports offered to you and most seriously relapsed into substance abuse.”

Drug-fuelled attack

In the agreed statement of facts that was presented during the sentencing, the court heard that McKay and Maloney had known each other for eight years.

Maloney had invited McKay over to his home on Lancaster Crescent and, at some point late in the evening they got into an argument.

McKay impulsively grabbed a kitchen knife from the counter and stabbed Maloney five times.

She then ran around the house taking a handful of things before fleeing the area bound for Edmonton. Her siblings found her the next day still with bloodstains on her clothes.

She turned herself in to police five days later, after they issued a warrant for her arrest.

The parole board revocation of McKay’s parole means she will have to serve more of her sentence, but she will be eligible for statutory release again in March 2012.


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