Interpretation of Jerusalem issue was tone-deaf


It was very disappointing to read Alan Murdock’s “Changing Course on Jerusalem” (Gazette, Dec. 13), and the tone-deafness inherent in his one-sided interpretation of the Jerusalem issue.
To completely omit the many UN resolutions that have been violated by the State of Israel, the tens of thousands of Palestinians killed, the continuous illegal settlement activity in East Jerusalem, and the fact that the entire global community refuses to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, he managed to trivialize the entire Arab-Israeli conflict. Essentially this congratulates Donald Trump for throwing gasoline on a fire, and forever disqualifying itself as an unbiased broker of peace in that region.
Further, Murdock quotes religious history as justification for this move. The rights of the Jewish people and the rights of the State of Israel are not the same thing. For such an educated Gazette contributor who, just a few weeks ago, wrote so eloquently about commemorating the sacrifice of those who have fought for our freedom, while contemplating the rights of our Indigenous nations … it’s a shame his empathy fails to extend to the victims of any other settler-colonial nations other than his own, especially a nation that has plunged towards apartheid in recent years.
Perhaps Canada can step up and serve as the primary negotiator of peace in the Middle East – now that the position is officially open.
Mohamed A. Assaf, St. Albert

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