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Interior paint trends for 2014 – home dĂ©cor is all about the grey

If you think you’re seeing shades of grey (and not like the steamy novels) in every decorating magazine or new show home these days, you’re right.

“Grey is the new black – floors, walls, furnishings – but it’s almost becoming too common now, so the trend may be short lived, especially with those who want the latest, cutting edge choices,” said Trevor Compton, sales manager for Christopher Clayton Furniture and Design on 170 St. “Grey is a safe colour and easy to accessorize with the other hot colours right now – warm, rich jewel tones like amethyst, burnt tangerines and cocoa browns, inky purplish blues – they’re exotic and luxurious.”

Compton sees the hottest colour trends making their way from walls and onto throw pillows, accent chairs and other furnishings at his West Edmonton furniture store.

That’s echoed by the Paint Quality Institute, a leading North American source on interior colour and design. Debbie Zimmer, paint and colour expert for the Paint Quality Institute, said grey is the top hue homeowners will incorporate into their interiors next year, going beyond wall colour to grey wash on wood furniture, fabric seating and floor covering.

“We’ll even see grey’s flashier cousin, silver, used as an important accent colour,” Zimmer said. “Grey is the hot new neutral, a sleek and sophisticated colour option that adds refinement to almost any room. Walls painted grey are a great backdrop for almost any style of dĂ©cor, and grey is such a dignified colour that it can elevate the appearance of even the most modest furnishings,” she said.

And guess what other neutral will be popular in 2014? Nope, not builder’s beige. White and off-white are back in vogue, according to Zimmer, with paint manufacturers offering extensive palettes of subtle tints of white with just a hint of colour—warm and cool whites with undertones of blue or grey that you and I may not notice but paint makers hope you’ll buy.

As with grey, white has wide appeal and is easy to coordinate with furnishings. “Those who are downsizing favour white or very light-coloured walls to make their new, smaller interiors look more spacious,” said Zimmer, “and for those who may soon put up a ‘For Sale’ sign, white is the wise paint colour before listing a home.”

Designers look to the colourful options – vibrant shades of blues, greens and yellows – that offer a feeling of warmth, luxury and personality to the home. St. Albert designer Lori Drinkwater of Fresh Look Design said she recently paired a grey-based bedroom with yellow, creating an elegant, yet cozy, space.

“There are trends combining grey with warm yellows or emerald greens, but there’s also the use of grey with metals for a more industrial look,” said Drinkwater. “Sometimes, you can bring in these hot colours in a cost-effective way, just with accessories like bedding or artwork.”

Zimmer said, “in the end, colour choice is a very personal decision, so whether you are thinking about doing some painting or changing your dĂ©cor, stick with colours that you love. When it comes to your home, your opinion is the one that matters most.”

Lucy Haines: Lucy Haines has been a freelancer writer for the St. Albert Gazette since 2012. She writes features on travel, food, seniors, homes and gardens.