Hockey player banned after assaulting ref


Shane Dayman, 35, pleads guilty to assault

An Edmonton man is banned from participating in organized hockey after he assaulted a referee at a local arena last spring.

Shane Dayman, 35, pleaded guilty Monday in St. Albert Provincial Court to assault, after he slashed, punched and spit in a referee’s face during an adult recreational hockey game.

“It’s a shame that hockey games that are supposed to be fun result in this kind of action,” said Crown prosecutor John Donahoe.

Donahoe told the court that the assault occurred just before midnight on May 6 when Dayman, a player on the team Red Army, became enraged with a call made by the referee.

When a goal was called, he began attacking the referee and players from both teams intervened to remove Dayman. He was ejected from the hockey rink.

“I’d just like to say to (the accused) that I am sorry,” Dayman said, as he addressed the court while crying. “He didn’t deserve that and I feel horrible.”

Lawyer George Isshak said his client “crossed the line significantly” and said his client has since attended voluntary counselling and was diagnosed with ADHD.

“Nothing is as Canadian as hockey,” said Judge Bruce Garriock. “Unfortunately, this is the ugly side.”

Dayman was handed a one-year suspended sentence, during which time he is banned from playing any form of organized hockey. He told the court he has been playing the sport all his life.

Isshak quietly told his client that he could still participate in soccer.

Dayman was ordered to pay $465.84 in restitution to the victim for a total of 16 hours the victim has attended court, as well as a $50 victim fine surcharge.

He was ordered to keep the peace and be of good behaviour, have no contact with the victim, complete counselling and treatment as directed by his probation officer and provide a sample of his DNA to police.


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