Hit and run a matter of conscience


The person who knocked off our passenger door mirror in the St. Albert Walmart parking lot should be ashamed for not leaving a contact note on our windshield.

The law is very clear – if someone strikes a parked car they are obligated to leave written notice in a conspicuous place (under the windshield wiper usually): • Name and address of the driver • Driver’s licence number of driver • Licence plate of the motor vehicle

Penalties can range as high as $2,000.00 or six months imprisonment, or both.

I am sure you are thinking that you got away with this crime and your only expense is the damage to your vehicle. However have you counted in your conscience of doing what is right? Given your decision to “run” I suspect that this may have had little impact on you. Again you should be ashamed of yourself.

The mirror is fixed at a cost of approximately $170.00 but the trauma of finding our vehicle damaged remains as well as the inconvenience of taking the vehicle in for repairs. Luckily, we opted to take the vehicle to Sturgeon Auto Body Company Ltd. who provided us with excellent service in a timely professional manner and at a reasonable cost.

Now it would be simple for us to request you send us a reimbursement cheque, however, given the legal consequences of your actions we are sure you would not like to identify yourself to us for fear of prosecution.

We are sure you have now had time to reflect on your actions and would like to clear your conscience. Therefore may we suggest you donate $170.00 to a charity of your choice – Edmonton Women’s Shelter Ltd. (WIN House) might be a good choice? While we will never know if you “bellied” up to this responsibility you will feel better for it – trust me, doing the right thing will make you feel better!

Paul Dill, St. Albert


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