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Eating your greens isn’t a bad way to stay healthy, so long as everyone follows safe food handling practices.

The Public Health Agency of Canada is reporting an outbreak of E. coli linked to leafy greens in the last two weeks of March. There with 12 cases reported in Canada with the same genetic markers, and nine of those were in Alberta.

While an investigation has linked the outbreak to leafy greens, no specific products have been identified yet.

E. coli typically causes an upset stomach for a couple of days before people fully recover, but in some cases it can be life threatening for people with compromised immune systems such as the elderly, children and pregnant women.

In order to reduce the risk of infection with E. coli or other food-borne illnesses, people can take basic safety precautions like washing fruits and vegetables before eating them, cleaning cutting boards and counters, washing hands regularly and ensuring raw meats don’t come into contact with other food.

Hope for the future is one of the strongest motivating factors people can have, and in many cases it’s worthwhile contemplating what we have to be hopeful about – and what better time than spring, that most hopeful season of the year?

Teddie Fussell will be hosting a free wellness talk the evening of Thursday, April 23, at the River’s Edge Counselling Centre about how we can keep hope at the forefront of our experience.

“Engaging with hope and focusing on it is an underlying thread to people moving forward in any part of their lives,” she said.

The talk will focus on the five major aspects of our lives: physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual, and answer the question: “How can we engage in hope-related experiences to support each of those five aspects of our lives?”

The event is free, but space is limited. Register online at


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