Have you had ‘the talk’ with your children?


Information session tackles talking about cannabis

If you haven’t talked to your kids about pot, what’s holding you back?

For some parents, the very topic of drug use evokes feelings of anxiety and awkwardness. Others would like to pretend their teens don’t know, or haven’t seen the smelly green stuff called cannabis.

As legalization sits only three months away, the St. Albert and Sturgeon Primary Care Network has decided to make the conversation a little easier through an information session called Cannabis 101.

On July 18 adults and parents will learn what the drug is, its medicinal uses and how to broach the subject at home.

Heather Lyseng, clinical manager at the St. Albert and Sturgeon Primary Care Network, said the main focus of the course will be cannabis and its impacts on youth.

“A lot has changed since the ’60s when a some of the parents smoked it,” she laughed. “It focuses a little bit more on the adolescent’s developing brain.”

The session, which will be taught by Ramon Flores from Alberta Health Services, is the first cannabis-related event being put on through a partnership between the primary care network, the provincial health organization and the City of St. Albert.

When it comes to why the network decided to hold the event, Lyseng said it stemmed from patient curiosity.

“A big question is, ‘is cannabis for me, will it help me’?” she said. “A whole variety of different health conditions, people are asking about.”

A smaller portion of the session will look at the medicinal properties of the drug, which to-date has been largely built on anecdotal evidence. People will hear ways the drug has helped with certain conditions, although Lyseng said there’s still much to learn about the drug.

“The scientific community cannot comment on the long-term effects,” she said.

While this session is focused mainly on youth, Lyseng said future events could branch out into other topics.

Cannabis 101 takes place on July 18 at the St. Albert and Sturgeon Primary Care Network in the St. Albert Centre. The event runs from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and is free to attend. To register visit http://www.saspcn.com/event/cannabis-101/.


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