Handicapped parking is there for a reason


On Dec 23, at 12:30 p.m., I walked toward the Royal Bank at Inglewood and in the clearly-marked and signed handicapped parking spot directly in front of the doors, there was parked a white Dodge.

A young man in his 20s was just getting in through the passenger door and as I walked to the front of the truck, I watched a young girl in her 20s look out at me as she was applying lipstick. I pointed out the handicap sign and she smiled, ignored me, and continued applying more lipstick. I took pictures of the truck, both front and back, as she looked on without a care. After she was done her touch ups, she proceeded to leave.

The parking lot was absolutely packed, so if someone who needed that spot were to arrive, they would have had two choices. One, come back another time. Two, park far away and make their way though a slippery parking lot to the bank. At a time when our thoughts should be focused on those less fortunate than ourselves, it was sad to see such ignorance and disregard for our seniors and physically challenged neighbours.

The positive aspect of this event is that my kids of the same age were with me and equally disgusted. It is good to know that our upcoming generations have more stars than fools.

Ken Klak, St. Albert


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