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Guy Desforges on the economy

Guy Desforges

Question: Thousands of Albertans, including many within Sturgeon County, have lost their jobs and government revenue has been significantly reduced as a result of the drop in oil prices. How can Canada diversify its economy and job market to become less reliant on the oil-and-gas roller coaster?

Guy Desforges – New Democrat Party

For decades the oil and gas industry has been a cornerstone of the economy and we are grateful for the status as an energy juggernaut it has provided for us. However, we need to insulate ourselves from volatile market forces that are outside of our control.

With wise stewardship and with cooperation from the provincial governments and municipalities we can attract new, innovative, and accessible businesses by providing tax incentives to small and medium-sized businesses. This would stimulate the economy by providing employment in many different industries to Canadians and Albertans of all stripes.

Furthermore, I think it is critical for our economy to expand our energy portfolio to include more environmentally friendly means of production, while maintaining support for our current energy sector.

I represent people who work in the energy sector. I will work towards creating stable development in that sector because people’s jobs depend on it.

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