Globull warming


Wow. A person is looking at the facts instead of the hype from regurgitating alarmists. What a breath of fresh thinking in the Gazette from Mr. Ken Allred. Although I do not agree with him with a few of his articles in the past, a man who can draw his own conclusions from the actual facts is, in my humble opinion, a gentleman.

And perhaps I can add a few more tidbits of information. Most of the money provided to the anti-CO2 crowd comes from governments in one way or another. That is your and my tax dollars. And nobody yet has given me a coherent and fact based explanation as to why there was a Roman Warm Period: Why did it start and why did it end? Asking Warmists this question usually produces a befuddled face or a straw man attempted put down. So much for a reasoned debate.

Joe Prins, St. Albert


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