Girl organizes massive bake sale


Nine-year-old Sophie Dumont loves her five pets and frankly, she really loves all animals. The Sir Alexander Mackenzie Elementary School Grade 4 student’s love of animals is so deep that she has recruited her mom, Stephanie, and a few others to help her put together a massive fundraising event, set to take place at the school tomorrow.

“She wanted to hold a giant bake sale. At first, it was only four girls. Now, she’s recruited her whole class,” Stephanie said, adding that she thought it was such a neat initiative. “They’re all going to bake over 1,000 things.”

All of the proceeds are set to go to the Edmonton Humane Society. Sophie and her crew have been busy making and putting up posters all over the school. Of course, they’ve all also been terrifically busy in their home kitchens.

“We’ve been baking for about a month. My freezer is full. It’s all going to be really fancy baking too. It’s not just cookies. They’re doing cupcakes that have pets on them.”

The goodies include gluten free items. The group’s goal is to raise $500 but they’re really hoping to make it to $1,000. Each item will be priced between $0.50 and $2.

“Her thing is, ‘Imagine how many animals we could spay and neuter with all this money.’ That’s her idea.”

The sale takes place during the lunch hour (12:30 to 1:15 p.m.) tomorrow only at Sir Alexander Mackenzie Elementary School, located at 61 Sir Winston Churchill Ave.

This is beginning to be a trend in Sophie’s life, after deciding to forego presents at her last birthday party. Instead, she requested donations, again for the Edmonton Humane Society. She invited her whole class, Stephanie noted, and she raised $300 that day alone. Along with the money, the guests also amassed a collection of two large tote containers overfilled with new animal toys and other items.

“That was something else,” the mom said.

Bottle Drive correction – event on Apr. 16

The St. Albert Minor Baseball Mosquito AA (Red) Team (AKA the Cardinals) previously announced that they would be hosting a bottle drive but it was erroneously reported in last Saturday’s paper for that day. The event will actually take place this Sat., Apr. 16.

Anyone in St. Albert is asked to put out their bagged donations by 10 a.m. Volunteers from the organization will be canvassing all districts. All proceeds will be used to help cover the team’s tournament fees.


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