Gazette reporter’s story on NAFTA hits bull’s-eye


Re: NAFTA deal; Kevin Ma has done his usual well researched article on this controversial subject and produced a balanced report.

Canada retains the valued supply management system, which only allows a small increase to U.S. milk products, and retained the Chapter 19 dispute mechanism that benefits other Canadian industry as well as dairy.

Western Canadian provinces has been able to hold  dairy prices at reasonable levels through supply management but not in Quebec, where the dairy industry could stand some competition.

I have stayed with relatives in Montreal and was appalled at the price of dairy products, which has been demonstrated by the Sept. 27 edition of The Western Producer which conducted a nation-wide price check and found that in Montreal, a four-litre carton of milk costs $6.55 compared to Toronto at $4.55 and New York at $4.48.

Competition can help keep prices in line and Quebec clearly needs some competition.

Bob Russell, St. Albert


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