Gas prices jump to $1.25 at most gas stations in St. Albert


Area motorists were hit with sticker shock on Thursday, when gas prices shot up to $1.24.9 per litre at most stations.

It was the second big hike this week, pushing the price up a total of nearly 25 cents a litre since Monday.  There has been no explanation for the spike as of press time Friday.

John Rota called the price hike “ridiculous.” When he pulled into the Esso gas station on Carnegie Drive in St. Albert on Friday he was not expecting to pay $1.24.9 per litre. Rota said it would normally cost him $80 to fill his tank, but would now cost close to $110.

“I’m very upset about it,” he says. “It’s too expensive. I’m just putting $40 bucks in.”

When Sam MacNeil pulled into the same station on Friday she was startled by the price.

“This is pretty darn high,” she says. “The last time I remember prices being this high was when we were doing amazing with the economy and there were a lot more jobs to support that.”

MacNeil was filling a company truck on Friday and says she normally drives her more fuel-efficient Honda Civic.

She said her sister recently downgraded to a smaller car in order to make driving more affordable. She says she’s concerned what this will mean for her sister.

“She just couldn’t afford her trip because she had to drive 45 minutes each way,” MacNeil says. “I wonder what she’s going to think of this.”

According to the website, which lists gas prices from cheapest to most expensive in Alberta, Costco’s gas bar remains the cheapest of gas stations in St. Albert, sitting at $1.06.9 per litre as of noon Friday.

Dan Lesniak says he’s thinking he might have to downgrade to a more fuel-efficient vehicle if prices continue to rise.

“I don’t know what they’re trying to do with the economy, but it’s not very promising for the average guy,” he says. “I might need to get a Honda Civic.”

Lesniak says he plans on filling up $20 at a time until prices lower.

“Maybe Monday will be a better day to get a full tank of gas,” he says.

For one local resident, the rising gas prices mean cutting costs in other areas.

“We’re going to have to save in other areas, grocery shopping, that kind of stuff so we make sure we can afford it,” says Leanne Wodinski, who drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

“Unfortunately (gas) is something we always have to budget for, we need it to drive to work and drive our child around,” she says.


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