Garden club’s final show a blooming success


Gardeners filled St. Albert Place with flowers and nostalgia at the St. Albert Garden Club’s 35th and final summer show called Show What You Grow.  Strangely the number 35 echoed through the entries and the prizes given out.

A total of 35 exhibitors showed off their best blooms and vegetables. There were 357 entries and $1,355 in prize money was given to the best of the best.

“We had a good turnout. It was a good last show even if it was kind of sad,” said event organizer Lucy Krisco.

The St. Albert Garden Club itself is alive and well with about 50 members. Meetings are held throughout the school year at Sir George Simpson School from 7 to 9 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month.

“Sometimes we have a speaker but more often than not we talk about problems in the garden or the joys in the garden. I still learn things at the garden club after all these years,” Krisco said.

Two years ago club members voted to stop hosting the annual summer agricultural event. Though the show was popular with members and with St. Albert’s Saturday market-goers, it took a lot of volunteer effort to make it happen. It was decided to wait two years for the final hurrah so that the last show would take place this year, as part of the St. Albert Garden Club’s 35th anniversary celebrations.

Last Saturday the competitors filled the foyer of St. Albert Place with their produce, photos and flowers. Nine youngsters took part with several entries of drawings and even rock paintings.

“One child painted a ladybug on a rock,” Krisco said, adding that every child was awarded a prize or a ribbon.

The flower of the year was a zinnia and Krisco won in this category.

“I was surprised because I was the only one with entries in this category. Zinnias are so easy to grow and they are a beautiful flower. I just sowed the seeds in the garden in May and they were ready for the show,” she said.

As expected, there were strange-looking vegetables to see and Krisco won in that category too with a bumpy-looking tomato.

Here is a list of the major winners in the St. Albert Garden Club’s “Show What You Grow” event:

Best petunia: Diane Taylor

Best dahlia: Maureen Elhatton

Best rose: Maureen Elhatton

Best gladiola: Lucy Krisco

Best floral arrangement: Lucy Krisco

Best photograph: Maureen Elhatton

Champion bloom: Maureen Elhatton

Best tomato: Ruby Shanley

Heaviest squash: Patricia Bell

Best small fruit: Derrick Harrison


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