Francophone school board doesn’t care


Re: Feb. 15 letter to the editor: Francophone school benefits exaggerated.

Just a word of advice to the writer Murray Lambert, from experience of dealing with the francophone school board when it built its school here in Heritage Lakes. You have no say, nor do they care one bit what we the taxpayers in St. Albert say, nor do they care about your community concerns. They seem to have all power and authority and city council hides under their desks.

Unfortunately they will ram this school down your throat and afterwards do whatever they want and will not honour any agreements they make with the local community. They will say what you want to hear but once they have built their building they forget about any promises made and add to their building whenever they want to with no concern of the residents.

Get ready for increased traffic, noise, pollution and decrease in your property value for a school that your kids cannot attend due to the restrictive policies of the francophone school board. So as your kids are bused out of your area to go to school, you will have a large increase of cars and buses coming into your neighbourhood, bringing kids to attend their school that are not even from St. Albert!

Sorry for the negative news but speaking from past experience of dealing with this board, they don’t care and you are left with the mess afterwards. Fight all you want, but the francophone board will stomp on you and city council to get what they want.

Dave O’Connor, St. Albert


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