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Finding "Keith"

Jay Haskin put this post on his Facebook page on Sunday. By Thursday

Jay Haskin is looking for a little help in tracking down his brother, who was adopted after his birth in St. Albert more than 38 years ago.

Well, he’s got a lot of help now, after his Facebook post on Sunday has spread far and wide, having been shared by more than 17,500 users as of Thursday.

“I’ve had friends share it in Taiwan, in New Zealand, Germany, France… it’s kinda gone worldwide, which is great,” the 27-year-old Calgary-based chef exclaimed. “He ended up somewhere. If I can cover as many bases as I can, I’m really hopeful I can find him.”

The Facebook post (under the name Jay Pheonix) has a short statement about his intention and shows a picture of him holding up a hand-written sign that reads: “My name is Jay Haskin. I’m looking for my brother. He was born November 30, 1978 at Sturgeon General Hospital in St. Albert, Alberta. His name at birth was Keith Darcy. He was given up for adoption and I’m trying to find him.”

Haskin has known of his brother’s existence for a decade. “I never really thought too much about family until I had one of my own,” said the recently married man who is now the father of two.

While the search has only just now begun, he recalled how long Keith has been in his mind.

“My mom told me about him when I was 17. She just said, ‘one day, if a man named Keith tries to get a hold of you… he could very well be the boy I gave up for adoption.’ When you’re 17 and you hear something like that, it’s like, ‘okay, if it happens, it happens’ but I wasn’t going to go out and look for him. And then I saw a bunch of posts on Facebook of people trying to find lost relatives. I figured, ‘why not?’ I didn’t expect it to gain the momentum that it has though.”

That momentum isn’t all online, though. There are many avenues and organizations that offer assistance to people trying to re-establish these lost familial connections through registries or genealogical archives. One could make a full career out of simply trying to do what Haskin is.

Thankfully, he has another older brother named Aaron in Ontario who is also keen on the effort. The two have been working in tandem to cover as many bases as possible across the country. This has already begun to strengthen their own relationship as they’re communicating to share the workload.

“My brother is messaging me a lot more. Because of the distance, he’s got his own life and I’ve got mine. We message each other once in a while but we’re starting to talk a lot more now.”

Already, a few leads have come in and Haskin has pledged to check on each one. He was thankful to people for sharing his story and asked that they focus less on the two names “Keith Darcy” and more on the place and date that he was born.

“Every single time that somebody mentions it or talks about it, it’s just that little bit closer for me to meet my big brother.”

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