Driver put people at risk


To the gentlemen driving the white luxury vehicle on the 170th Street overpass approaching St. Albert’s Levasseur Road lights on July 12 at the supper hour. I am unable to say what type of vehicle or what your licence number was because of the speed you were travelling at when passing me on the left on a solid yellow line into oncoming traffic. The lady next to me who stopped at the lights when I did indicated with a gesture that you must be crazy.

I think that would at least be a reasonable excuse for your behaviour. I am more certain that what it was is more an attitude of total arrogance on your part. Whatever was going on in your life was most certainly more important than anyone else on the street at the time. What else would possibly cause you to risk your life and others by breaking the driving regulations in such an absolutely stupid manner?

I only hope that someone’s aggressive driving doesn’t cost you or a loved one your life some day.

Judith Ross, St. Albert


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