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Driven to abstraction

ABSTRACT ART – A new abstract exhibit at the Visual Arts Studio Association art centre includes work by five St. Albert artists: Connie Osgood (left)

The upcoming show from the Visual Arts Studio Association contains a wealth of new abstract works from five of the co-operative’s members. Called Abstraction Five, the show includes some contributors who are not normally associated with abstracts.

“I’m excited!” said an enthusiastic Pat Wagensveld, the group’s founder. “Having a show once a year on abstraction, to me, is important because it draws out the abstract artist in people who you don’t think it.”

She’s not referring to herself, one of the city’s most notable abstract painters. Miles Constable is another one and relative newcomer Karin-Ann Bosma, an established graphic designer, has an ongoing series of abstract aerial views of landscapes, dotted with grid patterns of dots.

But then there’s Kristine McGuinty, who is probably best known for her Modigliani-esque portraits. She brings in a set of geometric abstracts inspired by forest scenes. Connie Osgood, as new a member as McGuinty, has played around with abstracts but dabbles in figurative works as well.

Wagensveld explained that this form of creative expression often brings out the playful side of the artists and the resulting work is sometimes loose, less serious and certainly very infectious.

“Connie’s work … she’s having so much fun, just playing with the medium!” Wagensveld continued. “All these wonderful things are happening. It’s creating an emotion … she’s working from her emotional point. That, to me, is what abstraction is all about.”

For her part, Wagensveld has a selection of eight new works. They’re groovy and weird, moody and shifty.

She said it feels good to be so productive when she’s actually creating works, but even when she isn’t actively painting, she has paintings come to her in her head. That way, when she gets back to the studio, she has no internal analytical forces holding her back.

“I know exactly what I’m going to do. I know where I’m going to do it. I know how I’m going to do it. Boom! It’s done.”


Abstraction 5
Works by Karin-Ann Bosma, Connie Osgood, Miles Constable, Kristine McGuinty and Pat Wagensveld
Opening reception Thursday evening from 6 to 9 p.m. during August ArtWalk
Artists will be in attendance
Show runs until Saturday, August 31

VASA Gallery
Located at 25 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue, in the Peter Hemingway Centre for the Arts
Call 780-460-5990 or visit www.vasa.ca for more information.

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