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Downtown plans need to emphasize river valley

After reading the front-page story in the June 23 edition of the Gazette, I would agree wholeheartedly that a plan of some sorts is needed to revitalize downtown St. Albert.

Something has to be done to increase density and to make people want to come not only to the downtown core, but to the city as a whole.

Coming down St. Albert Trail into the Sturgeon Valley, I know that seeing all the box stores on either side of the road all the way up to the distant horizon isn’t doing it. Crossing the Sturgeon River and seeing the developing ‘condo canyon’ on the east side of the bridge isn’t doing it either.

I don’t know where the city planning department was when all of these buildings were first being planned. But now a 25-storey high-rise in the river valley too? Is this all that our leaders can think of to entice more people to the downtown core?

I thought Mayor Nolan Crouse and council were all aboard the environmentally friendly bandwagon and would do anything to promote one of St. Albert’s best assets, the river valley.

The next municipal election can’t come fast enough.

Randy Kish, St. Albert

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