Dog owners must pick up waste even in winter


As an owner of three dogs, I regularly frequent the Lacombe Lake Park in St. Albert. I have watched its transformation to a beautiful , aesthetically pleasing park for dog owners, skaters, runners, children, and avid fishermen. Many users alike call this park theirs.

Come on dog owners, is there something about frozen snow that means you don’t have to pick up after your dog? Do you know what happens when the snow melts and it becomes disgusting feces mud for all of us to walk through? Yellow snow isn’t that appealing either but that can’t be avoided.

Is it too much trouble or too costly to get a roll of poop bags from the dollar store? Where is your personal pride and appreciation for a park as lovely as this. I can only imagine what the cost was to finish and upgrade this park complete with a fenced-in off-leash dog area for our use.

I’ve read that some dog owners would like the city to provide the plastic bags. Seriously? I can see the odd person forgetting, but not to this degree.

Dog owners please take responsibility for what your dog leaves behind for others. You shouldn’t have to be asked.

Janis Clegg, Sturgeon County


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