Dog doo editorial an example of excrement


In response to the Gazette’s Feb. 22 editorial on dogs:

The cesspool of language berating a very small percentage of dog owners was irresponsible. The hack that wrote that should be banned from the computer. People that use their position to demean and berate are simply bullies covered in newspaper but a mudball wouldn’t recognize a rude remark if it bit them in the butt.

The term hat rack, gryphon and lizard come to mind for the mindless canine-aphobia drivel that spewed from the paper. Even a fledgling understands how powerful words are, especially those with media responsibility. I consider it a neglect of their responsibility but media lapdogs seldom do.

The rude remarks would have garnered attention on a slow news day. It was probably successful.

You may find positive comments and positive suggestions leading to positive actions to be far more successful, however a twisted writer goes for the shock value.

Here are a couple of positive suggestions. The city gets more than $500,000 a year in licensing revenue plus bylaw enforcement penalties. There are companies that will clean a yard. Why not contract one of those companies to patrol the walks once a week? You could add $5 to the license fee. Failing that, you could enlist the help of public works. The payment of a $200 poop patrol bonus and the use of the Gator ATV might do the trick. If that doesn’t work, turn the $500,000-plus per year over to a non profit and they can do the above. The humane society would be thrilled, I’m sure.

For the record, I look forward to lining the bird cage, editorial up, and humbly suggest the deposits will do wonders to improve the quality of the editorial.

By the way, there are 22 vets in the St. Albert yellow pages. There are pet boarding, breeders, pet care, pet cemeteries, pet foods, grooming, hospitals and pet photographers, many of which are your advertisers. They bring millions of dollars into this economy. You may want to apologize to the 99.9 per cent of responsible pet owners.

It would be interesting to repeat your editorial but use demeaning terms for any of the minority groups. I believe it was a dog that pulled the girl from the freezing water of the North Saskatchewan and a dog that took the knife bringing down the criminal. It is a dog that helps the blind and the injured war vet. It is a dog that provides the only companionship for many. Shame on you.

Al Henry, St. Albert


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