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I have always read the Gazette since moving to St. Albert and while news is news, I never thought too much about the truth behind the writing. Then, on Feb. 14, the article regarding vaccinations was published on the front cover. In that moment I lost all respect I had for the Gazette and will never read your paper again.

Blaming parents who decide not to vaccinate their kids is absolutely insane. Clearly you did no research prior to writing this article. If you did, you would see that you are wrong. But then again, our society does whatever the government tells us, even though it’s all financially motivated. The government doesn’t care about our health, it cares about lining its own pockets.

People should have the right to do what they want as parents. They are NOT bad parents because they choose not to vaccinate. We are supposed to be living in a free country. Since when did that get taken away from us?

Did you ever think that it’s time to look at overweight and unfit people, farming and food industries for not providing nutritionally sufficient foods, smokers, drinkers, etc. The day that “anti-vaxxers” rights are taken away is the same day that all of their rights should be taken away. If you had a perfectly healthy child who was injured by a vaccination, you would think very differently about this.

Also, the next time you’re sitting down to write an article why don’t you consider being the change that we need to see in the world. Stand up for something worth standing up for. Do your research.

Morgan Chaulk, St. Albert


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