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Pelvic floor physiotherapy focuses on rehabilitating internal musculoskeletal disorders in women

Neurological and Pelvic disorders are just some of the many ailments being successfully treated by St. Albert’s newest physiotherapy office Excel Physiotherapy.

Excel Physiotherapy has opened its first office on McKenney Drive in St. Albert. Owners Priya Thayalan and Moorthy Munieaswara treat a wide variety of injuries in order to get their patients back to normal activities as soon as possible.

Priya and Moorthy both have their Masters Degrees, however their specialized training with neurological and pelvic disorders sets them apart from other clinics and therapists in the city.

We are one of the first clinics in St. Albert to specialize in those areas,” Moorthy said.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy focuses on rehabilitating internal musculoskeletal disorders in women. Women no longer have to suffer with urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, pelvic organ relapse or sexual dysfunction. Studies show that many women suffer from these disorders after pregnancy. “There is a lot of hope offered by physiotherapy to address these problems.“ Priya said. “Many doctors suggest pelvic physio before corrective surgery. Pelvic physiotherapy may help women of all ages, even teens suffering cramps during menstrual periods.


Neurological disorders come in a wide variety of causes including paralysis, strokes, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. When clients visit the staff at Excel they are given a biomechanical assessment of their injury/ condition and treated with a personalized rehabilitation and exercise program. Excel Physiotherapy has all the equipment needed to help their clients, including parallel bars and stairs. The clinic also encourages parents to bring in their children for assessment if they notice a delay in milestone achievements such as walking or talking within the same average times as their peers.


Vestibular Rehabilitation is another area of expertise that Excel Physiotherapy specializes in. If your balance is off or you are experiencing dizziness, frequent falls or even vertigo, the staff at Excel Physiotherapy will design a specialized treatment for you in order to improve your everyday function and quality of life.

The staff at Excel Physiotherapy hold a variety of certifications:

  • Biomedical Dry Needling
  • Anatomical Acupuncture, CAFCI
  • Running Specialist
  • Kinesiotape Clinician
  • Spinal and Peripheral Manipulation
  • Graded Motor Imagery for Chronic pain management and CRPS
  • Mulligan Techniques
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Certified in Pelvic Floor Therapy

The staff at Excel Physiotherapy are able to evaluate and treat a wide range of conditions and are dedicated to achieving superior patient outcomes while delivering quality care. “Our goal at Excel Physiotherapy Clinic is to exceed the expectations of all clientele, and work as a team with you on your road to recovery and health.”

Call today to book your assessment. Excel Physiotherapy is located at #50, 94 McKenney Ave. Their phone number is 780-569-2000 or contact them at info@excelphysio.ca. For more information click here.

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