Diabetes seminars offer relief from insidious disease


The Canadian Diabetes Association is offering a series of free online/interactive seminars that will be open to people across the country. The pilot project webinars are scheduled to run until August, with topics of interest to people with both type one or type two diabetes.

“The live interactive webinar series will help people learn how to better manage their diabetes and provide individuals with the opportunity to ask questions, as well as to connect with other participants,” said Randi Gill, a communications spokesperson for the Diabetes Association.

The webinars are a new way to connect with people in the community, Gill said, and provide relevant information to diabetics, whether they live in urban areas or rural areas.

Anyone with access to a computer and phone may preregister for the free webinars. Once they register, the participants will be given a log-in number, which gives them access to the webinars. Though the topics are divided to focus on either type one or type two diabetes, some information may be of interest to both groups.

“There are several remaining webinars for people with type one diabetes and for those with type two diabetes, but anyone can view the sessions online once they register,” Gill said.

The webinars will be delivered by health-care professionals and/or people living with diabetes.

Session topics and registration are available at www.diabetes.ca/diabetes-webinars and www.diabetes.ca/webinars. Session times vary, depending upon where the speaker is from, but most are either at 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. Alberta time. When participants register for each webinar, they will get the accurate time and connecting information.

Upcoming topics through to the end of April include: March 26 – Eating Well; April 10 – Living Well Inspirational Panel; April 21 – The Road to a Cure and April 28 – Strategies and Solutions for a Healthier You.

Additional topics scheduled for the spring and summer months range from food and nutrition to health, travel and financial and personal questions regarding driving and tax credits.

A moderator will be on hand to take questions from participants, which, if time permits, will be answered during the webinar.

“The online feature provides a box which allows you to type in questions. Those questions are sent to the speaker and everyone taking part will know the questions and answers. If there are too many questions, then we will follow up later with the individuals,” Gill said.

Between 70 and 100 people have taken part in each of the webinars so far. For those unable to sign up for the precise time of the webinars, the Canadian Diabetes Association hopes to make them available in the future on YouTube.

“Residents from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba can sign up at no cost to attend any or all of the one-hour webinars. The Canadian Diabetes Association has worked diligently to create a highly informative and engaging series, which feature experienced diabetes educators, health professionals and other knowledgeable speakers,” Gill said.

For more information visit www.diabetes.ca/webinar.


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