Deputy mayor’s attendance at court unnecessary


I agree fully with Ms. Rachel Vincent’s recent letter about Councillor Cam MacKay’s attendance at the courthouse during a hearing about Steve Stone’s allegations against Mayor Nolan Crouse. Councillor MacKay’s attendance and his defence of it against raised criticisms drip with rank opportunism. Any outcome of Mr. Stone’s action would never result in a judge calling for Mayor Crouse’s immediate arrest. Even if in another dimensional world the judge did so there’s no conceivable circumstance where Councillor MacKay would then need to take “immediate” deputy-mayoral action from the courthouse steps, whatever in the world that might entail.

As the Gazette’s story pointed out Mr. MacKay’s father Cameron D. MacKay has been involved in Mr. Stone’s legal efforts. That’s worrisome. I would be much comforted to read clear public statements from each of our councillors – but particularly from councillors MacKay, Hughes and Russell – that they have had no personal input into Mr. Stone’s legal action, nor have provided him support in any form (including encouragement) in pursuing it. If any councillor has done so it sure wouldn’t say much about their honesty and integrity.

David Merritt, St. Albert


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