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Daylight Savings Time not most important issue

I must agree with the comments in the media the other day regarding the time and money that is being wasted on the debate about scrapping daylight savings time. There are most definitely more important issues that need our politicians’ efforts and attention.
I smile at the way the poll results are presented with the statement that 76 per cent of respondents are in favour of scrapping the twice yearly time change. However that is only 76 per cent of 13,600 people that replied which equates to 10,336 Albertans in a population of roughly four million that are influencing this decision.
Some important businesses such as West Jet are against the change due to the issues it will create in their schedules and the farmers have voiced their opinion as well. However it does indicate an important point that only 13,600 people took the time to respond.
If there is an issue that requires feedback from the public, take the time to call, write or email you local councillors, MLAs and MPs to voice your opinion and be heard.
Rob Pritchard, St. Albert
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