Dangerous sex ed


Re: "Wake up and wait".

What a frighteningly deceptive letter regarding the Pregnancy Care Centre (PCC) and its "Wait! Let’s talk sex" program. Just to be clear, this group and its associated shell organizations should be kept as far from children and our schools as possible.

I note that in almost 500 words, the letter writer completely fails to mention that the PCC is an Evangelical Christian organization, devoted to religious based sexual morality and gender stereotypes – this includes denying young girls access to morning after contraception and intentionally misleading the pregnancy and abortion vulnerable into believing they are in the hands of a full-service health clinic – when they are not. They are in the hands of an anti-choice organization whose tactics include running interference until the choice window runs out and guilting girls into not having abortions. This tactic has found these groups in legal trouble both in Canada and in the U.S.

Abstinence focused sex-ed has been demonstrated over and over to be unrealistic and less effective. It leads to an increased number of pregnancies, abortions and STDs. Ironically, it even leads to the lowering of the average age of when young people first have sex.

This organization is known for its negative attitude toward same sex relationships and to contraception. Yes, a sex-ed group that tries to scare young people away from contraception – wonderfully highlighted by a graphic of condoms draped over razor wire.

I recommend anyone interested in this issue Google the PCC and its affiliates Carenet and Heartbeat International. Check out "Crisis Pregnancy Centre" on Wikipedia and watch the media on this organization from last year (when Edmonton Public Schools stopped using them).

From the PCC website:

"Guiding Principles – Directed by Christ, we trust Him to accomplish His work through us. In this spiritual battle, we must be armed; covered in prayer, ready, faithful, and skillful."

I’ll give the last word to Paula Simons from her article in the Edmonton Journal on this organization last year.

"Yet the letter currently being sent to parents makes no mention of the Pregnancy Care Centre’s Christian mission nor its pro-life advocacy. It merely says controversial subjects will be discussed from a variety of views.

It’s absurd. CALM isn’t religion class. That’s not what parents sign up for. Sex education in our local public schools should be delivered in a scientific, non-judgmental way, by qualified professionals, not outsourced to an American-based pro-life lobby group.”

The Pregnancy Care Centre should not only be avoided, it should absolutely be kept out of our schools.

Luke Fevin, St. Albert


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